Do you usually travel with your friends and find some problems to count how much money did you spent and how much should anyone pay? Do you want to organize an event with some friends and want to let them know how much exactly they need to pay you? Are you looking for a smart expenses tracker app that can track all your expenses and manage your money? If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and install Crowd Money 3 on your iPhone or iPad because it is the perfect app for you right now.

Crowd Money 3 – Money Tracker is a new expenses manager app that will simplify your life and let you enjoy travels, events, sharing a flat without thinking a lot about money because it will let you create multiple events and add all the expenses of each event. Not only that! Our app will also let you select people who are involved in each event so you can be sure that they checked all spent money and they will give you their part. You can also remind friends that there are pending balances and mark each balance as paid once they pay you.

Why do you need to download and install Crowd Money 3 on your iPhone or iPad instead of other money manager or expense manager apps?

What are you waiting for? Download Crowd Money 3 and manage your shared expenses in the right way.

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We care about you, and that’s why we made our app very easy to use with an awesome and elegant interface that you will love.

You can start using our expense tracker app without spending much time because it is pretty simple and anyone can start using it without worries. Keep in mind that you need to create an account to start using our app but the account is Free and we will never share your information with any third party.


Our shared expenses app is free and it will stay free for life, so there are no hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription fees. Please note that there are some In-App Purchases inside Crowd Money 3.


Our expense tracker app is 100% Safe, so you don’t need to worry about your information. We implemented the latest security technologies to keep your information safe. No one will be able to see your expenses unless you give him the right to do that, so you can use our app without worries.

Anywhere & Anytime

Want to use our app anywhere? It’s possible! Because our money manager app is responsive and you can install it on your iPhone or iPad. So, even if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can start tracking your shared expenses.

Want to use our app anytime? It’s possible! Because we support the offline mode and you can use our money tracker app even if you don’t have an internet connection. So, keep tracking your money even without a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network.

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